National campaign “Tourist passport Kom-Emine”

The crossing of the ridge of Stara Planina from one end to the other is an achievement deserving respect. Keep the memory of the track; on collecting the seals in the tourist passport you will also get a Congratulations Certificate and the right to participate in the yearly lottery with material rewards.

Welcome to the annual meeting of people who have crossed Kom-Emine at the end of the tourism season. For more information on the terms and conditions of the campaign: LOOK HERE



Seal 1: The house-museum of Ivan Vazov in Berkovitsa, Kom hut (new), Petrohan hut
Seal 2: Trastena hut
Seal 3: Leskova hut
Seal 4: Murgash hut, Peak Murgash
Seal 5: Chavdar hut
Seal 6: Murgana hut, Kashana hut, Svishtiplaz hut, Pakal hut, Momina polyana hut
Seal 7: Vezhen hut, Benkovski hut, Echo hut, Kozya stena hut
Seal 8: Orlovo gnezdo shelter, Dermenka hut, Dobrila hut
Seal 9: Vasil Levski hut, Botev shelter, Peak Botev
Seal 10: Tazha hut, Mazalat hut
Seal 11: Uzana hut, Peah Shipka, Buzludzha hut
Seal 12: Gramadliva Ski-Base, Gramadliva hut, Predela hut
Seal 13: Bukovets hut, Chumerna hut
Seal 14: Kotel (Each museum, Hotel or Municipality)
Seal 15: Varbishki prohod hut
Seal 16: Planintsa village (COOP supermarket on the center), Daskotna village (Villa Ralio)
Seal 17: Tochiisko hut, Kozichino village (Bolyar restaurant or food shop on the center)
Seal 18: Emona village (Bistro Yana on the centrer of the village)

*The sites indicated above are only an orienteering example, they are not mandatory for receiving a seal. Other sites located on the ridge of Stara Planina will be recognized too. The seals only aim at guaranteeing that the tourist has passed by the site in question, they do not oblige the tourist to pass by it.

*It is possible that you do not manage to collect all the seals included in the leaflet, because of a late crossing, or closed sites, or a problem in communication with the hut-holders or because of other possible reasons. The registration would be allowed to all participants holding a valid passport. Any passport, having at least 9 seals (3 seals on each page) is considered to be valid. The collection of all the seals is desirable, not mandatory.




– The traveller’s club, Sofia city

– Sports shop Red Rock, Sofia city

– Sports shop Outsider, Sofia city

– Trastena hut


You can register for participation in the lottery Kom-Emine by handing in the passport at the Traveler’s Club, in Sofia, or by sending a scanned passport via e-mail: Please have a look at the terms and conditions here at The list of all registered participants will be published and updated timely.

Tombola (Lottery)

The date and place of the lottery will be announced in October 2016 on our internet site and on the official Facebook page. Among the rewards are a two-layer trekking tent, a weekend stay for two, equipment for camping, shopping vouchers. For more information you can go to our Facebook page. Anyone who hands in a passport before the indicated deadlines will receive a reward. We insist on keeping some of the rewards a secret by the last moment – they will be a surprise!


If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to write to us at