The tourist passports for seals represent small carton leaflets printed on a laminated carton for a higher steadiness. The reverse of the pages is not laminated in order for the ink to be well absorbed as the seal is put on.

The campaign „Tourist Passport Kom-Emine” takes place for the first time this year. It represents an initiative for popularizing the tourist route Kom-Emine. The participants are being encouraged by numerous interesting additional initiatives, such as the annual „Kom-Emine” Meeting which is the biggest initiative of all. During the annual meeting a lottery will take place, with the rewards being provided by the sponsors of the campaign: Sport Depot, Trastena, NaturaBG, Husqvarna, Ciela.

Any Bulgarian of foreign citizen possessing a tourist passport is allowed to participate in the campaign „Tourist Passport Kom-Emine”. Members of the “Tourist Association Oilaripi” and members of the association “Travelers’ Club” who are organizers of the campaign cannot participate. For more information on the terms and conditions look here.

Tourist passports are distributed against payment. The price for one passport is 5 levs and you get: 1 tourist passport, 1 Congratulations Certificate, postal and administrative expenses.

Tourist passports could be bought from:

  1. www.oilaripi.com/eshop
  2. www.komemine.com/shop
  3. Directly from “The Travelers’ Club” – Sofia, 19 Serdika Str.
  4. Sports Shops “Red Rock”
  5. Sports Shops “Outsider”
Gather the seals

Most seals are situated in the huts or at tourist sites. Other seals from dining places, shops, post offices, town-halls will be recognized as well.

Register your passport

It’s very easy: send a high-resolution photo of the sealed passport here at: club@oilaripi.com or hand in the passport itself at the Travelers’ Club – 19 Serdika Street, Sofia  


In your mailbox and on our site all the news related to the holding of the annual meeting of the “Kom-Eminers” will be published, together with the drawing results of the lottery.